Honeycomb is Sweet for the Soul
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so in LOTR’s appendices it says that legolas eventually builds a boat and takes gimli across the seas and into the west, the gray havens. you know, the place arwen isn’t allowed to go because she’s in love with a human dude bUT LEGOLAS (AKA ‘YOU LITTLE SHIT’) JUST SAYS “FUCK IT” AND SNEAKS GIMLI INTO THE GODDAMN UNDYING LANDS LIKE CONTRABAND TWIZZLERS INTO A MOVIE THEATER

best literary analysis ever

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"A radiant bliss…"Credit:

I’m sorry for my inability to let unimportant things go, for my inability to hold on to the important things.

-Jonathan Safran Foer (via observando)

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Wingardium Leviosa (by Ottowl)

DETAILS: What do you think is the scariest part of the character?
 ROBIN WRIGHT: There’s a cadence to her speech—soothing but foreboding—that reminds me of a metronome. The clock is ticking, time is wasting, and if you don’t do what Claire wants, you’re gone. (via)